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Gym & Health Club Locator
Fitnet.net - one stop resource for fitness on the Internet
Fitness Files
Fitness Partner Connection Jumpsite - links to fitness, health and nutrition related sites.
Lewis Wolk's A-Z Fitness and Bodybuilding Links
Ballys Total Fitness

Gold's Gym
Lady of America
- ladies only health and fitness clubs with international locations.
World Gym
The Cooper Institute for Aerobics

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American Aerobic Association
American College of Sports Medicine
American Council on Exercise
American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
American Fitness Professionals & Associates
Aerobic and Fitness Association of America
International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA)
National Gym Association, Inc. (NGA)
American Society of Exercise Physiologists
Sports Science Association

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Fitness Files
Fitness Partner Connection Jumpsite
Muscle and Fitness
Fitness exercise
  - information page.
Netsweat - fitness information & nutrition supplement center.
Lewis Wold's A-Z Fitness and Bodybuilding Links

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Gym and Health Club Locator - directory by zip code or city and state.
Bally US directory
Gold's Gym directory
World gym directory
Lady of America - womans fitness centers.

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Fitcamp - fitness camp of Ms.Fitness magazine.
Health & Fitness Magazine - extreme sports,  inland skating, snowboarding, cycling, running, mountain climbing, and kayaking.
- walking exercises.
Thrive - magazine for healthy living.
Yoga Journal's YogaNet

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California Polytechnic University-SLO
California State University-Hayward
Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute
Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research - nonprofit research and education organization offering products and consulting.
San Jose State University, CA - program based on the discipline of physical education - stresses both theoretical and practical objectives.
Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (TAHPERD)
University of Northern Iowa Human Performance Laboratory - studies in exercise science.
Fitness Zone- fitness equipment.